→ Why P y r o t e c h n i c: The meaning behind our shipper name

I’ve seen quite a few people (Pyrotechnics and non Pyrotechnics alike), wondering just why is that our shipper name. Why do we identify ourselves as Pyrotechnics, when there are cuter names out there and this one can be a tad hard to spell?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple: It’s due to its meaning. Not only the dictionary related one, but rather, what it stands for. And to fully explain that, I have to go back a bit.

The fandom name YoonHaexplosion along with its shipper name, Pyrotechnic (s) was chosen by the members of the YoonHaexplosion Livejournal in 2009, a few months after the community was first created. To select our official name, a post was created to allow members to make suggestions; afterwards the suggestions were narrowed down to the most popular ones, and an official poll was put up so that the members of the community could pick the one they liked best. YoonHaexplosion won by an unanimous vote.

Now though, why YoonHaexplosion? Where did that come from?

It actually was born from a phrase that I used in my soshified sig back then. The phrase (which accompanied a YoonHae sig), read:

The subtle signs are louder than fireworks

And it’s that, right there, which is the core of the matter: Fireworks.

xjannyx once told me, after reading a drabble I wrote, that: “Ohh, that’s where the “silence..fireworks” thing in your SSF profile is from! Hehe, now I got it xD I like it! It’s what all of us, YoonHae shippers see.

Here’s an excerpt from that drabble in question:

[…]The silence between them was the loudest sign; the loudest tell off that let the world know that there was more to them than what met the eye. Their silence was the loudest explosion of feelings contained, of wishes yearning to be fulfilled, of words bitten back and longing to be said.When one looks at them; when one looks at YoonA and Donghae, one finds that their silence is loud.As loud as fireworks.From Silence, by Kanae

So that’s it in a nutshell, really. Yoong&Hae back then were known by how awkward they acted when they were with each other, by how they basically pretended to be strangers when they were in the same room; except that if one actually stopped and looked at them, one could notice how they kept stealing looks at each other. How Donghae never tore his eyes away from her, how YoonA tried to play it cool when he approached her, but ended up giving in and stealing a look at his retreating back.

All those signs were subtle, but they were there, and they were (and still are) loud. They’re loud because they say everything that needs to be said.

And so they’re like Fireworks, because they loudly explode and light up the sky with beautiful colors, and it’s impossible to look away.

A Pyrotechnic is:

1.  The art of manufacturing or setting off fireworks. Also called pyrotechny.
2. A fireworks display.
3. A brilliant display, as of rhetoric or wit, or of virtuosity in the performing arts.

And so, that’s exactly what us, YoonHae fans, are.

Because we love to witness YoonHae’s fireworks ♥

p . s: As an extra tidbit, the reason behind the “cause it’s so beautiful~” in our Pyrotechnic slogan, is due to Donghae’s solo, Beautiful, which is pretty much YoonHae’s Hymn due to its lyrics. There’s no song that describes YoonHae as much as Hae’s solo, seriously. And since the chorus goes: “Cause you, you are, so beautiful […]” our slogan makes reference to that. So, double YoonHae!

p . s . 2: Also, another thing that makes ‘Pyrotechnic’ really special to us YoonHae fans, is precisely that it’s something only us can get. After all, we’re the ones who are always on the look out for those Fireworks, and understand their subtlely that at the same time makes them so loud and glaringly obvious tongue.gif

written by:  Kanae@YoonHaExplosion

source: YoonHaExplosion forum

picture : pyhfamkr


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