Easy Magazine October Issue – Donghae


Easy Magazine (October issue) – Interview with Donghae

Q: Debuted as SJ for 8 years, have you ever thought of going solo before?

A: To be honest, I have never thought of going solo like that, I want to be with the members on stage, I have never thought about leaving them. If there is a chance for me to solo, I would like to act in movies or dramas. An actor can live the lives of many others, isn’t that charming? Although my acting skills are not good enough yet, I will continue to work hard. To me, the members are more important than anything else. Just like Eunhyuk. When you have known someone for a long time, you will easily sense if this person is happy or sad but this situation seldom happen on Eunhyuk. Him being so reliable is able to let me tell him my problems without any hesitation, at anytime. I like him like this.

Any Coincidence?? 😉 remember what yoona said? Click here

credits: 13elieveSG@twitter.com [Interview Translation Copy-Right : 菜花是积极分子进步青年 ; Mikolah @Luv_Opera] | oleracea@youtube.com



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