Hidden Actions

Let’s go back to the past! 2007! the Year when Girls’ Generation released ‘Kissing You’ and now let’s see the Music Video, the part when there’s Yoona, Donghae and Taeyeon
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Glimpse for ‘Something’

Around 1 week ago (120811), Yoona came to MBC Music Core. Some sones who sat near her, and said “she said that she hasn’t any job, she doesn’t know what she has gonna do next” to further shorten, ‘she is jobless’ /just kidding/
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Filipino Pyro made a project in Bench Gathering?

Philippine Pyrotechnics attended ‘Bench’ gathering in Manila, staring Siwon and Donghae. They were there, and planned to show it to Donghae. And do you wanna know what was Donghae’s reaction? here it is! Kate Zhang Ü  the girl who planned all of this! and her friends too.
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